Not long ago I had the pleasure of having The Great American Water Company install a reverse osmosis system in my home.  They were timely, efficient, friendly and most of all knowledgable!  I am a small business owner and I know first hand how important service and knowledgeability of the product is.  That is why I am taking the time to say thank you for such a great experience!

LeAnn D, Your Content Goes Here

It was so nice to finally have soft water. Truly makes a difference!

LaVona Y, Your Content Goes Here

I’ve told all my friends about the unit and let them try the water, everyone liked the water better than bottled

Burline W, Your Content Goes Here

I’m so glad I had this water system installed. Everything tastes so good. And I love good coffee.

Darlene M. K, Your Content Goes Here

We had a water test done in our home by one one of your sales reps. The young man’s representation was excellent. He was very informative & entertaining. I’ll say he did a fine job of representing the GE company. We were raised with GE all of our lives & your product is made in America which means a lot.

Don & Pam M, Your Content Goes Here

A water purification system has been needed here for years and it was great to finally find something that works so well.

Mainly, we’ve enjoyed the great tasting water we’re able to get right form our own kitchen sink area. Until getting this unit, we were buying bottled water for the kids to drink and for cooking. Of course, this was quite expensive over the course of several years and, again, this is so much more convenient for everyone.

Also, the softer water and cleaning products really make a difference in keeping everything done around here. Spots on dishes, stiff laundry, and dry skin was something we thought we would just have to live with around here. This filtration systemhas made a huge difference in these things and it’s been great so far.

Everyone with this company has also been very nice and helpful in every way, something so rare these days. Thanks for everything.

Scarlett S, Your Content Goes Here

One of your sales reps just did our installation and he was great! He was very good & I was impressed.

Richard H, Your Content Goes Here