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By incorporating the GE Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System into a residence or place of business, consumers are demonstrating a real awareness of environmental programs and doing their part to protect future generations. This incredible water system by GE can extend the life of clothes washers, water heaters and a variety of water-using items and appliances. Customers who purchase the GE Pro Elite for the benefit of their friends, family members and employees are able to enjoy reduced water bills and decreased spending on dish soap, laundry detergent and other everyday items.

GE Pro Elite receives a significant amount of support from a group of proven water treatment specialists whose goal is to offer a relaxing and convenient installation process. By installing up-to-date equipment in the initial stages, these professionals are setting the building blocks for the customer’s office or home. All of the licensed and trained GE Pro Elite dealers in today’s market have been excellent resources for information and knowledge about conditioned water and its positive impact.

According to top industry organizations such as the Water Quality Research Foundation and the Water Quality Association, the presence of unconditioned water has been shown to create a vast range of issues for sinks, faucets and other fixtures that use water. GE Pro Elite is the solution for preserving water and improving the daily lives of people around the world. The exceptionally skilled team that developed GE Pro Elite used cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes to ensure maximum energy efficiency as well as minimal damage to the environment.

GE Pro Elite includes a product brochure that describes all of the important benefits and features of the most efficient water system on the market. GE Pro Elite is sold by a series of long-standing professional partners from coast to coast.