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May 1, 2020
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Best Ways to Clean Spa Filter Cartridges

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Depending on the size of your hot tub, you may have different numbers of spa filter cartridges that need attention regularly. There are many different schedules, many different regimens, and many different products that are used for the job, and it is very important that these schedules be followed and the proper products are used in order to keep your hot tub safe, healthy, and clean.

Spa filter cartridges are extremely important to the wellness and sustainability of a hot tub, and many people who are hot tub owners have a system for changing them regularly so that they dont get confused about which ones need changing and they dont forget which ones have been changed and which have not. A type of rotation pattern could be followed, moving the cartridges clockwise every other week. Label one cartridge as #1, and label each spot #1, #2, and #3 (or more if necessary). Determine which spot will be the change spot and once the spa filter cartridges reach that spot, they need to be changed.

There are also many ways to change the other filters that do not require replacement yet. Take the cartridge out of its housing according to the manufacturers instructions. You should never use a power washer, but instead use a garden hose at a 45 angle to wash in between the pleats of pleated units. There are also many commercial cleaners that can be used too that you can soak them in overnight. Just be sure that you rinse the housing and everything to remove the cleaning solution before you store it or use it in the hot tub again.

Many people are interested in cleaning their spa filter cartridges with a biguanide system and need to know certain things about the process in order to ensure that they do it correctly. These types of systems are great for destroying bacterial cells as opposed to chlorine systems which actually oxidize them instead of destroying them. The systems also act as coagulants too so that the bacteria, debris, and dirt clump together to make it easier for filters to trap. This is often the gray sticky film that is seen on them, so the biguanide systems will remove it. Tri sodium phosphate can be used before the cleaning, and when you see that the spa filter cartridges and the film turn gummy, it is time to throw out the cartridge and replace it with a new one.


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