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June 14, 2020
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Drugs In Drinking Water: Are There Any In Yours?

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Most epidemics that hit our country are highly publicized by local and national media outfits. When avian flu hit China, we heard about it. When salmonella poisoning hit a small group of people, we heard about it. Every week there's a new show or newscast mentioning the H1N1 virus, though it hasn't been as widespread as we thought it would be. What we don't hear about, though, is drugs in our drinking water. Though it is only recently becoming a health concern, we still haven't had a lot of coverage on this subject.

In 2000, there was a news release claiming that officials of the health department were apprehensive of the small amounts of antibiotics in the H2O system. The antibiotics were said to help in creating super bugs in the supply. The super bugs are small micro organisms that evolve and able to survive the effects of antibiotics. However, according to experts of antibiotic resistance, the super bugs had caused thousands of deaths for the past years. More so, the Environmental Chemistry for the EPA was also convinced that having drugs in drinking water was a major health issue that should be dealt with.

Drugs in drinking water occur through the drugs being ingested by both humans and animals. In fact, health experts are quite astonished on the amount of drugs in the supply manifested by large operations of animal farming. The drugs ingested by animals are then passed in humans or other animals, ending up in wastewater, which is recycled. Thus, it finally reaches the city, town and well system.

It is important to note that even if the city or town you live in has a waste water treatment system, it doesn't and was never designed to remove chemicals or drugs in drinking water. As such, is is not only probable but highly likely that you are drinking water that contains chemicals and drugs that in time will cause harm to your health. In order to minimize the impact of this issue, people should protect themselves in all ways possible.

Purchasing and making use of a high quality water filter is a good way to protect from drugs in drinking water. Not only is this inexpensive and extremely easy, but studies have shown that this is actually better at protecting you than bottled water. Why is this? The processes involved in the bottled brands can actually add more chemicals into the mix. In addition, buying bottled water for cooking and drinking costs a lot more.

If not the type of filter that you attach to your sink spout, you can also make use of a home purification system. There are different levels of cost and protection associated with these. While there is no need to invest in the most expensive system, be sure to get one that offers a high level of efficacy in purifying your water. This is more costly than a tap filter, but can keep drugs out of all water in your home, not just that which you drink.


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