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July 27, 2020
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French Interior Design and Decorating

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French interior design is bold, sophisticated, and of course chic. A touch of French style can be integrated into your own home with the minimum of ease and you can choose how strong you want the look to be.

Invest in some wall hangings or decorations if you want to add a few subtle touches but if you want to go the whole hog then investigate typical wall colours and flooring options as well as fabrics and furniture.

An easy way to inject some French style into your home is through use of accessories. Venetian glass is a decorative choice not just for wall mirrors but for candle stands and picture frames too.

Typical French country style accessories include wall paintings and adornments which are often painted white, crystal chandeliers or simple potted lavender plants. Roosters are a favourite in French country design and can be found on everything from cushion covers to wallpaper.

Parisian apartments have a different feel to their country counterparts and the decorating styles found in Paris span over several periods, including baroque, rococo, and neoclassical. Contemporary Parisian apartments frequently incorporate art deco and old world.

Whatever style you are basing your look on, mirrors can play a key part. Popular within all types of French interior design there are many different types of mirror to suit the overall mood you are creating.

French mirrors range from freestanding to large antique wall mirrors, antique painted versions as well as gilt and decorative options so you shouldn't have any problem locating the right one for your home.

Furniture is another straightforward way to introduce some French style. French country style tends to use upholstered furniture with carved wooden frames, carved legs and upholstered seats and backs.

Wrought iron and distressed metal are an important element of the country feel. Look for wrought iron or distressed lamps, tables, and clocks. You could also shop around for items of furniture such as four poster beds, dressing tables, wardrobes and chests.

Antique or heirloom furniture is commonplace and a rummage at an antique fair or even the local flea market can reap handsome rewards.

When it comes to wall colour you can opt for rich, strong hues which are reminiscent of the sun-drenched Mediterranean. The softer, more muted shades which are also very popular include lavender, ivory, pale shell pink and dusty lilac.

Your choice of colour will depend on what the room is used for as well as the amount of light that filters in.

Flooring is important too, especially if you are trying to create a continuous look throughout the home. Limestone flooring is frequently used in French style homes. In true Parisian style, hardwood flooring could be stained dark and covered with old Oriental carpets.

Quality furnishings, rich colours and carefully thought-out details, such as the use of French mirrors and accessories, all help to create a stylish and authentic look no matter where in the world you are.


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