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October 24, 2020
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Hot Water Dispenser

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Hot Water Dispenser

Kettles can be expensive to run, especially when you think about the fact that households that use kettles have higher electricity bills than households that don't own one. The hot water dispenser has become more popular in recent years, saving time and money with instant hot water. Therefore instead of pouring water into a kettle and waiting for it to heat up you can just turn on a tap.

Where would you find instant hot water taps?

Office buildings

Just like the good old fashioned water cooler, instant hot water taps have been used in office buildings for a long time. As they save staff time, instead of standing waiting for a kettle to boil they could be getting on with important work tasks. This is not the only reason however; they also save space and the inconvenience of extra wiring.


For the same reason as office buildings, hospitals have used instant hot water taps for a long while, mainly in their staff room areas,

The Home

More and more modern households are fitted with a hot water dispenser. They are not as common as kettles however but they are becoming more widespread.

What are the benefits of a hot water dispenser?

* Saves space
* No leads
* Saves time
* Saves money
* Safer

Most people, especially with the fast pace of today's society would want to save time as well as money. Therefore hot water dispensers would probably be good for the modern family, are there downsides to having a hot water dispenser? Well like most things there must be some disadvantages. The main one, being that they are more expensive to purchase than a standard kettle, however they are probably cheaper to run than a standard kettle, therefore over time it would work out cheaper.

Where can you buy them?

Hot water dispensers can be purchased from a plumbing warehouse, they may even come as part of a modern kitchen. However they are readily available online, with most websites providing you with a full run-down of the benefits and features of each particular product. Most of them look like conventional chrome taps and would not look out of place in a modern kitchen. Some of the hot water dispensers you see on display in office blocks are normally mounted on the wall attached to the boiler system. Mostly they don't look too attractive, these ones are more likely to be the old fashioned kind of water dispenser where the water is taken from the boiler system and not filtered. However most modern hot water dispensers come integrated with a filtration system. Therefore not only do you get hot water but it is filtered hot water which usually makes for a better cup of tea.

How much are they?

Hot water dispensers as stated previously can be more expensive than a conventional kettle. They range from 300 and upwards depending on the make and model. This does sound expensive, however over a period of time it could save you time and money. However not everyone can afford to spend money on a hot water dispenser, those that do get one will notice the benefits of it right away.


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