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November 6, 2020
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How Do Cold Air Intake Kits Maximize The Performance Of Your Car

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Do you want your car to have better performance and soundtrack? You don't need to buy an expensive imported car for that. You can have these with the cold air intake kits.

Your car already has a standard air intake system, but it's setup to give you just a standard response. Performance modifications are about modifying your engine so that it will receive more cold air into the engine. With more air, you will have bigger explosions in your combustion process, and your car will go faster and harder.

Basically, the cold air intake kits assist the combustion process of burning fuel and creating energy for your engine. Colder air is denser, and expands more in the combustion process giving you a greater explosion when you feed the engine gas.

Check some race cars or those modified street cars and you will notice the special vents along the sites and gaps in the bumpers to aid air intake, enhancing the general performance of the motor. One simple air intake would be a short ram air intake that would introduce air from around the engine bay directly into the engine. One way to do this is to replace the original air box with a tube attached to a cone filter.

It's the quickest mod you can make, and because there's less coverage in that area of the engine, you'll get a really mean, guttural roar below your hood. You could also replace your car's original respiratory system with a complete cold air intake system. Usually fitted to performance or modified cars, the cold air intake sucks in cool air from around the front bumper, the wheels wells and from inside the scoops of the body kit.

The most important part of adding performance parts to your vehicle is maintenance. You must always keep the air tracts of your cold air intake kits in top shape, making sure they are always clean and without dust or dirt. This could get into the engine and compromise your performance.

Don't be afraid to spend money on top quality parts that won't snap off when you take corners a little too aggressively. Invest in a lifelong air filter that you can remove, wash and oil regularly so that dirt particles don't pass through into the engine.


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