How much water do we use?

Sometimes we don’t realize just how important water is to our everyday lives. It’s not just the water that we drink that affects us. We use water to clean our homes and ourselves, to wash our clothes and our dishes and to prepare our food.

Even when you think about all the ways we use water, it may come as a shock to you that the average American uses around 100 gallons of water per day!

But water may not be the only thing coming out of our faucets.

What is in our water?

Most of our water comes from rivers, lakes and aquifers, but the organisms that live there make the water unfit to drink.

So, water is treated with chemicals to kill them off. The problem is those chemicals are harmful to us as well. However, the treatment process isn’t the only source of toxins in water. Pollution, animals or other organisms and problematic piping can all contribute toxins.

Tap water can contain various toxins including

Not only can these chemicals cause harm to you, they can also wear on your appliances. This kind of wear can cause them to be less effective, costing you money.

What can you do?

The EPA and FDA regulate the amount of toxins in our water, but they aren’t zero tolerance standards. Toxin levels fluctuate, and small exposure over a long period of time can have adverse effects.

But you can take your safety into your own hands!

If you’re worried about the condition of your water, don’t hesitate to have it tested.

You can test your water yourself with a water testing kit (found in many hardware stores) or you can contact a local water lab to have them test it for you.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, call the American Water Company to get your water tested for FREE!

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