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21 May 20
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Cheap Ways to Cool Your Home
We're now entering the hottest part of the summer here in the United States and many of us are faced with a difficult decision. We can stay cool and dry in our homes but end up paying for high electric bills due to the cost of running our air conditioners all the time. Or we can skip the AC and live in hot and humid discomfort for a couple months out of the year while we hope for cooler weather.
14 Jun 20
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Drugs In Drinking Water: Are There Any In Yours?
Most epidemics that hit our country are highly publicized by local and national media outfits. When avian flu hit China, we heard about it. When salmonella poisoning hit a small group of people, we heard about it. Every week there's a new show or newscast mentioning the H1N1 virus, though it hasn't been as widespread as we thought it would be.
01 Jul 20
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Ductless Air Conditioning: A New Choice
The latest trend in residence air conditioning is called ductless air conditioning. These units typically include both interior and outdoor units. The compressor is set up on the exterior of the house. Two lines are run through the wall, which transfer coolant to the indoor air handling units. These systems normally incorporate several inside fixtures that can be located throughout the house.
15 Jul 20
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Finding The Best Vacuum Cleaner For You
A home vacuum cleaner is one of the most expensive pieces of home cleaning equipment we will ever buy. There are quite a few features you want know about and look for before you buy any upright or canister vacuum cleaner. There have been a lot of wonderful advances in vacuum cleaners over the years so it's hard to buy one that's actually bad or you'd be unhappy with.
27 Jul 20
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French Interior Design and Decorating
French interior design is bold, sophisticated, and of course chic. A touch of French style can be integrated into your own home with the minimum of ease and you can choose how strong you want the look to be.
07 Aug 20
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Acid Well Water Neutralizers for Residential Wells
Calcite neutralizer filters for correcting acid water conditions come in different sizes and varying blends of Calcite and Corosex media. Here are some frequently asked questions homeowners have regarding acid neutralizers.Q. I am currently remodeling my home and I discovered that my copper pipe has corroded due to my acidic well water.
30 Aug 20
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General Do It Yourself Safety
The home can be a highly dangerous area so every one doing diy needs to take some precaution and, more importantly, use common sense. The following are some basic principles for the do it yourself person. Do's Always keep safely in mind before you do any diy activity, use caution, care, and good judgement - if in doubt, don't.
13 Sep 20
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Getting Bottled Water Delivered to Your Home
Bottled Water delivery has become big business in the past few years partly due to the taste and health benefits it can offer. Lets face it water is the basis of all life and it is a well established fact that the human body needs it everyday to keep functioning. Getting water delivered to your home can actually be cheaper than purchasing bottles in the store.
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